Lemondaisy x GMS

What happens when you combine one fantastic vintage find, one talented artist, and a dash of creativity? A fabulous collaboration! Introducing the Lemondaisy x Grandmillennial Shop whippet collection. It all started when artist Leslie came across a photo of one of Nicole’s finds: a pair of whippets perched on a pink base. Just a few days prior, Leslie had been inspired by a charming pair of pups, but she knew she had to get out her paints when she saw those pink bases. The rest is history!

About Lemondaisy Design

Artist Leslie Flanagan creates Lemondaisy Design in her studio in Charlotte, NC. Leslie’s hand touches every piece that leaves her shop, whether it’s the finishing polka dots on her cocktail napkins or her signature on her prints. 

About Grandmillennial Shop

Grandmillenial Shop is an online twice-loved retailer by Nicole Letts. A writer by trade and an antiquitarian by birth, Nicole is an avid collector whether in art or antiques.

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