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About Dorothy Art x GMS

Dorothy Collier and Nicole Letts were first drawn together thanks to their impeccable tastes in antiques. Sprinkle in Nicole’s fascination with fine art and Dorothy’s inspiring talent, and the two were fast friends. After ogling each other’s curios, Dorothy and Nicole decided it was time for a partnership. They put their heads and their respective collections together and were not at all surprised when they discovered they both had a love for sterling silver flatware. In fact, it was Dorothy’s own sterling silver pattern, Grande Baroque, that inspired her very first work of art in 2010—none other than an oil painting atop vintage recipe pages of a fork and spoon. Marry Dorothy’s robust imagination with Nicole’s Buttercup assemblage, and you have the first Dorothy Art x GMS collection. 

Ever inspired by the Southern style that surrounds them, the tastemakers have developed a series of silk scarves, prints, and paper products that capture the refinement of dressing oneself and one’s table. At a quick glance, the naked eye might see a swirling, scalloped snowflake. Look closer to reveal a spiral of forks, each one in Nicole’s beloved Buttercup design. 

The design is hand drawn by Dorothy using colors drawn from Nicole’s distinctive Winston Wiant landscape painting which serves as the backdrop for nearly all of Grandmillennial Shop’s product photos. Shades of emerald, geranium, and Tiffany all give a colorful pop to the collection. 

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